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Founded in 1993, our company is specialised in the manufacture of machines and fluids dedicated to the creation of stage special effects. Those effects are made to meet the requirements of professionals in different fields of activity such as Leisure, Event, Show, Cinema, Television, Theatre and Advertising.

Based on many years of experience, SFAT always focussed on both “Product and Service” Quality, respecting by the way its original credo :  

  1. Build " Reliable with fair prices "
  2. Produce and manufacture strictly to Norms
  3. Re-enforce regularly the reliability for the end-users
  4. Being careful to the Sales and After-Sales Services Quality

Because we consider that, after you’ve received your SFAT products, we’ll be more than ever at your service. Our Sales and Technical team will then provide you advice and assistance to satisfy your expectations.

SFAT is among the rare companies that can be proud to be considered as reliable and stable on and by the professionals market.
Our large range of special effects will allow you to propose many solutions to wide demands. We answer needs going from Shooting Confettis, Snow, Foam or even Bubbles… from creating artificial fog and scents… to the realisation animated inflatables, virtual flames and many others !

You’re a Professional and you wish to :

  • Join a dynamic company, in full industrial expansion, in order to develop a real and trustful partnership…
  • Meet a partner whose corporate spirit is turned towards the customer satisfaction, the trust in people and professionalism…
  • Integrate an international network of professionals and take advantage of the image of Producer settled in many countries…
  • Develop an additional activity by offering your customers new possibilities or by penetrating new markets…

If so, do not hesitate to contact our export team (with the contact formulary) and check below which means and resources will be at your service.


In order to control fully its realisations, SFAT became established in an industrial site of 5000 m², that includes :

Reception , Offices, Meeting room, Show room bannire_1__modifi-1b.jpg





  Assembly and manufacturing workshops machines,bannire_2__modifi-1b.jpg






  Filling lines, fluid conditionning, customized printing & packaging, 

  Parking , Storage Area, Delivery area,








SFAT activity is divided into different parts :

1st one goes from the Conception to the Manufacture of the effect Machine.
2nd one goes from the elaboration of the chemical formulations to the industrial production of every special effect fluids.


The manufacture of our machines is done in line (series) in our own workshops according to a strict production process.

Before sending, every machine is tested and completely checked in order to ensure a correct use for the customer.

The brands POWER MACHINES, ENERGY MACHINES, EUROSMOKE MACHINES, EUROSCENT MACHINES are trademarks that cover the full range of machines exclusively made by SFAT.

Indeed, the 1st machine of the Power Range has been design, developed and manufactured by our company at end of year 1999.




Regarding fluid production, our factory is equipped with a complete industrial treatment system. This installation is linked to several working areas that cover the production of more than 1 million litters of special effect fluids, each year with a constant growth.

bidons_site_web3.jpgEach of our fluids has been tested regarding Quality and Safety by several specialised laboratories.  The tests results, the non toxicity certificates and also the Health and Safety Data Sheet (H.S.D.S.-C.O.S.H.H.) will be sent you by our commercial team or by the national distributor after you’ve requested it formally.

Our fluids and consumable products made under the trademarks EUROSMOKE, EUROSCENT, EUROBUBBLE, EUROSNOW,MAGIC FIRE, POWER SMOKE, MAGIC FRAGRANCE
are known as international references by many professionals.

We are more than careful on the quality of raw materials and components delivered by our suppliers. We consider our suppliers as partners and develop long term relations with them also. Those long collaborations are your security for after-sales.

As an international producer, we have the ability to make for you OEM products. Thanks to an internal efficient printing system, we’ll easily create models
based on your graphic line (or any marketing instructions).

Our storage capacity and production lines allow us to grant you short delivery delays anytime in the year.

The SFAT  team, thanks to its habits of international business, will be able to advise you on the right type of transport and INCOTERM to use for the best result.

Our offers are done EX WORKS (F-71880 Chatenoy le Royal) as a basis.

Many effects seem difficult to realise before trying them…

But a dynamic team next to you, a reliable industrial company at your service, different ranges of products to propose, a network of international dimension partners, all this could be your new strengths to enter the World of Special Effects !


6, rue du Parc
71880 Chatenoy le Royal

Tel   +33 (0) 385 900 660
Fax  +33 (0) 385 936 336
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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